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Tmall Genie
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  • Speakers: Two tweeters and one woofer
  • Wireless connection: Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Available connection protocols: Bluetooth
  • Voice control: AliGenie Assistant
  • Supported language: Mandarin
  • Weight: 810 grams (~1 lb 13 oz)
  • Dimensions: 21.8 centimeters (9.2 inches) high and 10.8 cm (4.25 inches) in diameter.
  • Output power: 12W
  • 【定制版方糖2升级】- 小黄人定制唤醒词,萌动来袭
  • 【音质全新升级】- 2英寸5瓦大功率扬声器,380CC一体式大音腔
  • 【海量曲库,丰富内容】千万版权好音乐;德云社、小猪佩奇等好内容
  • 【家庭语音通话】不用手机亦可随时通话,可拨打天猫精灵及手机
  • AI smart control LED Light Bulb
  • Color temperature changeable
  • Able to received order to switch ON/OFF light from Tmall Genie A.I Speaker.
  • All features is needed your "voice" to instruct to control the A.I LED Bulb function.
  • Able to received order to switch ON/OFF light from Tmall Genie A.I Speaker.
  • Able to change for 2 types of lights ( Cool light / Warm Light)
  • Able to Adjust the lighting brightness.
  • A.I operation function
  • Entertaiment (Music/Story/Joke Story/FM Radio/News and etc)
  • For Kid (Kid’s music/Kid’s story/Kid’s mathematic/成语解释/唐诗宋词 and etc)
  • Tools (Find your phone/Alarm clock/Date&Time/Temperature/Searching engine and etc)
  • Control (Home furniture control/other related 天猫 products **Special setting required)
  • Other features (Games and etc)
  • 像素信息屏 Dot Matrix Screen 时间、天气、情绪表情、 态度主张一目了然
  • 个性态度主张 Attitude Claim 支持字母、颜文字灯显示 随时随刻打出态度主张 -
  • 贴心贪睡闹钟 Alarm Clock 贴心黑科技,闹钟响起后 挥挥手即可延时再响起
  • 多彩金属面网 Metal Mesh 细腻更具品质感 40% 通孔兼顾美观与音质 -
  • 音质全面提升 Sound Quality Upgrade 升级 5W 大功率喇叭 350CC 独立音腔 -
  • 千万正版版权 Ten Million Copyrights 潮流音乐,精进学习 千万正版内容随心听

Tmall Genie CCH is the second smart video wireless Bluetooth speaker of Tmall Genie.
It has the functions of

  • listening to songs
  • watching dramas
  • video calls
  • early education companionship
  • qualified life assistant. 
  • Brand : 天猫
  • Model : TG_B1 (方糖Boom)
  • Operating System : AliGenie Voice assistant
  • Built-in CPU : Mediatek MT8516 1.3GHz
  • Connection Network/Bluetooth : 2.4G WIFI + BT 5.0
  • Power Input : Micro USB 5V / 0.5A
  • Battery capacity : 3.7V 500mAh
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Body Size : 68.3mm(L) x 49mm(W) x 32.3mm(H)
  • Weight : 130g
  • A.I operation function
  • Press voice button for operate below functions



  • LDS laser navigation system, faster speed, higher precision, more accurate mapping
  • Support 3 modes, sweeping and mopping, sweeping, mopping; Simulate artificial mopping, two-way repeated wiping, and more thorough cleaning
  • Intelligent electric control water tank, even water, protect the wooden floor 12 sets of sensors, high-precision sensors, assisted navigation and sensing the surrounding environment
  • APP control, support Xiaoai voice interaction, work with Alex and Google home
  • Support for a scheduled cleaning, fixed cleaning, zone cleaning, automatic recharge Support room partition, which can merge, split, and name the area Support software to set virtual wall and set forbidden sweep area