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  • TPMS Digital Display, Seeing is Believing. LED digital displays to show tire pressure with one touch
  • Smart Preset Tire Pressure, Automatic Stop when Top up. Precise inflation after presetting tire pressure, automatic stop when reaching the right pressure. Over-inflation and under-inflation protection for a novice.
  • Dual Mode Tire Pressure Setting for Flexible Adjustment. Except for smart preset tire pressure, tire pressure can also be manually adjusted accordingly for safer driving.
  • Built-in Lighting for Nighttime Use. No need to use a light for inflation at night, easier and safer to use.
  • Pure Copper Permanent Magnet Motors, Powerful and Stable. The permanent magnet motor with pure copper winding has strong power and high efficiency and the all-metal pressurized cylinder can provide enough power for inflation of car tires, plus heat-resistant PA66 GF33 piston rods to stabilize the body and avoid cylinder blast in high speed operation.
  • Powerful Energy Storage, Wireless Fast Inflation. Three built-in high-capacity 18650 lithium batteries for wireless use and fast inflation, no need to connect to a lighter.
  • Multi-purpose and Well-prepared for Emergencies. Complete accessories for various needs, easy to handle emergencies.
  • Double-sided Heat Dissipation to Reduce Temperature Rise. The inflator pump is equipped with a ring-shaped air outlet and connecting rod on the motor drives the fan to dissipate internal heat quickly and keep the motor running.
  • One Equals to a Set. All-in-one design to integrate various accessories into one body, easy to carry and anti-lost.
  • Baseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump: Mini body, easy to carry and inflate by one person. Old Inflator Pump: Bulky body, hard to carry and inflate.


  • Full new generation dash camera
  • 4K UHD image
  • Super High Resolution of 2160 UHD
  • Realcube image technology
  • 4K UHD image show all details with SONY full new image sensor
    3840 x 2160P 4K Ultra HD world
    Built-in EMMC 5.1 memory, no more worry about TF cards
  • eMMc built-in memory
  • With 5GHz Wi-Fi protocol, video transmission speeds increased by 500%
  • 7 sets of mould spherical lens & Aspherical lens
    Virtual game experience combined with real driving SR 2.0 bring cool experience
  • ADAS
  • The SR2.0 wakes up the fun of driving Millions of DDPAL users community online interaction
  • Intelligent Wi-Fi connection
  • Cycle Recording
  • 24 Hour Parking Monitoring
  • Flagship high-performance experience
    International award design team good design, more than good looking
  • 2-in-1 design: aroma diffuser + hand-held fan
  • Increased turbine wind system inside, quickly and evenly scent the fragrance
  • With two kinds of aldehyde-removing balm
  • Compact size, saving space
  • Emergency start of the car, digital charging of the product, lighting Lighting
  • function Lighting, strobe light, SOS
  • Smart charging clip for protection Short circuit, over current, energized, from discharging, from overvoltage, reverse connection, overheating, reverse charge protection
  • Maximum starting power Petrol cars with a volume of less than 5.0 l, diesel cars with a volume of less than 2.0 l
  • Number of consecutive starts 30 times
  • Continuous adjustable charging output voltage Xiaomi 9 charges 3 times, huawei P30 charges 3 times

-130 degrees FOV, wide range of vision coverage 
-HD resolution of 1920×1080 p, clear recording 
-1/2. 9-inch light sensitive components, captures clear images at night 
-With SONY IMX323 image sensor
-The WiFi connection allows you to watch the recording in real time and share videos or images on popular social networks 
-Advanced H.264 photo compression technology maintains high-quality videos and plays a part in saving storage too 
-High-resistant adhesive temperatures, can avoid the problem of falls in high temperature conditions, provide a strong adhesive strength, but also more beautiful and not damage the car glass 
-Together with the car charger and the micro USB power cable for the power supply , convenient for users to adapt to their needs in the car 
-Video can be monitored in the application of your phones 
-The rotating support meets several recording demands
– Simple and exquisite appearance 

  • 3.3 Minutes with Fresh Air Inside The Car
    The compact body of the 70mai car air purifier Pro can achieve CADR value of up to m³/h.
  • High-quality Sensor
    Cubic Optoelectronics photoelectric dust sensor can monitor the change of PM2.5 in the car in real time and adjust the working gear of the purifier.
  • Korean E&H H11 Filter Paper
    It can effectively intercept invisible particles such as dust, smoke, PM2.5 and pollen, thus achieving double purification.
  • Solar power and dual USB charging mode, easy to use and use.
  • Adopts car sensor level sensor to support intelligent wake-up, smart connection, real-time monitoring, dual charge and other functions.
  • The receiver uses two-color negative display technology to support real-time pressure and temperature monitoring of 4 tires
  • Support 1 second to track fast air leakage, accurate to 0.1 bar
  • Support high temperature battery protection, at high temperature up to 60 degrees. C, the battery stops charging, also supports intelligent waking up, when the car starts, the receiver in the sleep sensor automatically wakes up, automatically pours out when it stops
  • 1944P FHD
    Featuring 6 Lens, F1.8, 1944P HD with WDR 140° wide angle that adjusts exposure & captures more detail both in darkness or strong light, producing super clear and vibrant images.

  • Awesome Picture Quality with Defog Algorithm
    Effectively reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in snow, smoke and haze environment.

  • 24-Hour Parking Monitoring
    Time Lapse Recording @1fps in parking mode will ensure long time video recording. Note: Requires 70mai Hard Wire Kit (to be purchased separately)

  • Built-in G-Sensor
    Once the G-Sensor detects a collision, 70mai will automatically lock the video to Emergency File to prevent it from being overwritten, which can be used to restore accident scene.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
    Boost your driving safety with real-time alert which warns you when veering off the lane and when about to hit another vehicle ahead.

  • Super HD Camera: Adopting advanced high sensitive 720P image sensor, makes your night vision as bright as daylight
  • 138 Degrees Wide Angle View: Designed to provide 138 degrees vision, avoids blind angles, perfect for you to observe the invisible blind spot clearly
  • IPX7 Waterproof: No need to worry about any fog / mist getting inside even when heavily flooded with water
  • Easy to Use: Applies to all monitors with RCA connector and DVD navigator
  • 9.35'' Full HD Screen
  • Front and Rear Dual Lenses with Backup Cameras
  • Wide Vision Covers All Blind Zones
  • App Control
  • Specification:Brand: 70mai
  • Model: Midrive UP02
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 2.4A
  • Low Voltage Protection for Small Cars: 11.4V
  • Low Voltage Protection for Big Cars: 22.8V
  • Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
  • Storage Temperature: -30°C ~ 85°C
  • GPS Built-in
  • Up to 4K Resolution with 140°FOV
  • Super Night Vision with 3D DNR
  • Boosted Driving Safety with ADAS
  • In-car Guardian for 24/7 Protection
  • Loop Recording & Evidence Protection
  • In-app Access & Instant Share